It is still hard to believe that I am actually returning to New York. We’ve been in Oregon for 23 years, and although this is the most amazing place to live, New York has always been my home.  After Madelyn’s dad and I divorced, I almost moved back, but decided it would be better for Madelyn if we stayed and she grew up with her dad. When she made her plane reservations last September, I knew I needed to think about what was next for me. I thought very deeply about my life here, my friends, job and this beautiful environment. I decided that Oregon was a wonderful “place” to live, but it lacked an important element; family. My brothers have been asking me to return for some time, and since we are all we have, (and we get along quite well!) I decided to move back.

So, I have started the complicated task of unraveling my life here. I have applied for a teaching position in New York, and have been accepted to the group of early applicants who will receive assistance with that task. I am in the process of making my  house look pristine for the crowd (I hope) of interested buyers who  will be pushing and shoving their way to make an offer! The most difficult thing I have to do is to find a home for my two elderly cats, Wendy and Simba; they are 18 and 17 respectively. Madelyn and I will be living together, and she already has two cats, and I have one youngish cat and Lola, our dog. I am planning to drive cross-country, and the Vet said it may be too much for them.

Well, now you know about this voyage I am embarking upon, and I hope to make it interesting enough that all of my friends will continue to follow along.


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  1. WOW – I had no idea – but I totally understand. There just comes a point in our lives when family is everything! You are lucky that your daughter decided to land where your siblings already live!

    Best of luck on your job hunt and the sale of your home. It is such a cute place, I can’t imagine that it won’t find the right buyer. Maybe your home buyer will want to keep the cats too!? 🙂

    • Thanks for your support, Deb. I’ve always missed my family, but it’s never been the right time to leave.
      I know that Madelyn may not always be in New York, but at least I won’t be without family near by. I may
      have someone who would be willing to take Wendy and Simba; I’ll find out soon.

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