Monthly Archives: July 2011

T-minus three and counting….


So the POD is packed (except for my computer) and the house is eerily empty and echoing. The animals don’t seem to know what to make of it, and unfortunately, my bed is the only piece of furniture left for hanging out.

Dinner with the Browns on Saturday evening. I love going to their house; it is so serene and their yard is amazing. Dessert was raspberries from their garden. I’m going to miss them a lot.

I had a terrific lunch today with Susan. Even though we haven’t spent lots of time together, we agreed that we were going to miss each other. It isn’t until someone is no longer physically in your life, that the missing part kicks in. I’ll miss not going to Portland Center Stage with Susan, but I’m happy she bought my seat for Tom.

I’m trying to see some people I haven’t spent a lot of time with, before I leave. Mary and Mike on July 4th, Maybe Ellie on Tuesday, Sally on Wednesday, Sonja and Tom once more.  I think I underestimated how many friends I really had here; now I have more!

There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium between missing people.  All these years I wondered if I would ever live closer to family again. Now I wonder how often I will see my Oregon friends. I know it won’t be often enough.




I am operating on very little sleep. Not because I am staying up late, but because this damn knee of mine aches so much at night, and I am uber anxious about packing the POD.  Practically everything that I am taking to New York is packed in boxes. I have made almost ten trips to the Goodwill store in the past two weeks with a full car and trunk, and they are not over yet. Even so, there are so many boxes in my house and I know Madelyn will freak when she sees them. I’ve told her that I’m getting rid of so much, and still there is a lot to bring. I’m glad I’ve been able to make hard decisions about my “stuff.”  No doubt, there will still be things that I will wonder why I chose to bring them along. Perhaps we will have a ‘moving in’ sale.

The list is getting shorter; the animals have their health certificates (Lola and Luna are going as cargo, and Bo is in the cabin with me – he’s better behaved!), Lola got a summer haircut and so did I, the apartment lease is officially in my name. My change of address form is filled out and I’ve settled all my utility bills. Whew! The POD is getting packed tomorrow with the help of a few friends. I know I will be able to relax tomorrow evening when everything is done, but right now that seems so far away.