Better Late Than Never


Something really pleasant has been happening lately. There are a few ladies who I’ve known for at least 7 or 8 years but haven’t spent time getting to know them well. Now that I am leaving Oregon, I have been having the best conversations with them, and finally finding out what we have in common! Why didn’t I do this years ago?

Nancy is a scrap booking maven, and Madelyn and I met her years ago at one of her workshops. We bumped into each other at the supermarket and just clicked. Diane is the mom of one of Madelyn’s friends, an amazing artist and such a nice person.  We have so many creative interests in common, and just recently spent time schmoozing about everything! Eileen is my former husband’s wife, and she has been so supportive about this move, helping me with my animals, and just there for me if I need her.

I think the connections I’ve made with this three women will solidify our friendships. I know that when I return for a visit to Canby, they will be one of the first people I will contact.  This is a lesson for me to “seize the moment” so there are no regrets; good friends are hard to find.


About movinandshakin11

I've started this blog for a few reasons. First, I would like to share this crazy, wonderful journey back to New York with all of my friends. The second reason is that in order to stay sane during this process, a blog will help me stay organized! I also hope my friends will continue to follow me once I am back in New York - I expect to have many interesting adventures to talk about.

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