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Better Late Than Never


Something really pleasant has been happening lately. There are a few ladies who I’ve known for at least 7 or 8 years but haven’t spent time getting to know them well. Now that I am leaving Oregon, I have been having the best conversations with them, and finally finding out what we have in common! Why didn’t I do this years ago?

Nancy is a scrap booking maven, and Madelyn and I met her years ago at one of her workshops. We bumped into each other at the supermarket and just clicked. Diane is the mom of one of Madelyn’s friends, an amazing artist and such a nice person.  We have so many creative interests in common, and just recently spent time schmoozing about everything! Eileen is my former husband’s wife, and she has been so supportive about this move, helping me with my animals, and just there for me if I need her.

I think the connections I’ve made with this three women will solidify our friendships. I know that when I return for a visit to Canby, they will be one of the first people I will contact.  This is a lesson for me to “seize the moment” so there are no regrets; good friends are hard to find.


Hi Ho, Hi Ho…….


I spent all of today, Saturday, packing up my kitchen with the help of my good friend Mary Anderson. We made a big dent, although the pots are still left to pack. My kitchen is rapidly filling up with boxes, and it feels pretty good. My momentum has been lagging lately, so the energy of another person can make a big difference in how much I get done.  There are only eleven days to go before I board that plane for New York City. The POD is here, right outside on the street, so this adventure is fast becoming a reality.

I’m going to have to enjoy spending the summer with Madelyn, because as of Sept. 1, she is under contract with Carnival Cruise Lines for 6 months! She will be a singer on one of the ships bound for exotic places; such a fun thing to do when you are 23….or even 63! There must be a job for me too! What a great way to spend half a year, traveling, eating well, exercising and meeting people from over the world. I’m very happy for her, but I will miss her.

My biggest concern about this move, at this point in my life, is how my knee will fare with all of the walking I will have to do. I’m especially concerned about steps, specifically subway steps, so I’ve been practicing that in physical therapy. I’m thinking that I may take buses for awhile; I don’t want to not be able to go and do, but I realize I’m only 9 weeks out from my surgery – I know, my timing is horrible, but I had to use my insurance benefits.

I’m looking forward to the Farmer’s Markets in the city and the Brooklyn Flea. We are living in Spanish Harlem (East Harlem) and there are Latino markets, bakeries, etc. right on our street. It will be fun to explore, and even take the crosstown bus to the west side to see what’s over there. I’ve even located an animal clinic for the pets (don’t tell anyone, but the lease says no pets – Madelyn says there are quite a few dogs in the building)!

New York or Bust!


I finally made my plane reservation for July 6th at 10:25 pm. Since I’m traveling with pets, a nighttime flight made sense; there is a heat embargo when the weather is really hot, so they recommend an early or late flight.

My friend Jennifer from work told me something before I left school last week. She said that when a person is hesitant about a decision or commitment, the world seems topsy-turvy. But when you finally make a decision to do something, it’s as if all of the planets become aligned, and the puzzle pieces fit  together perfectly. She was talking about me making a commitment to picking a day to leave Oregon for New York. So I decided to stop hesitating and make the reservation, and the plan seems to be more cohesive now.

To say I’m not scared or nervous would be a lie. I’m very scared and very nervous. It’s different making this change in your twenties, thirties or even forties, as we did when we came out here. But in your sixties, well that’s scary! Even though I thought about this decision for such a long time, and wondered if I would ever be nearer to my family again, the actuality of it is a bit mind-boggling. It really hit home at my moving sale where I literally gave away parts of the past 22 years for a mere pittance.  Although the process is also cathartic, I still am amazed at how I parted with so much of the past.

So those chapters of my story are closed and the next one is starting. I realize I am the maker of my own destiny – I fuel the process. This next chapter will definitely run it’s course on a lot of faith.

Moving Sale – June 17 & 18


I worked all day today on clearing out my shed of items to sell on Friday and Saturday. I can’t believe how much stuff I have collected. I think I have every piece of artwork Madelyn ever created! I have to ask her if she wants any of it, but she is not as sentimental as I am. My shed leaks as well, so a lot of my stuff was ruined; a good reason not to save so much.

So I am having this Super Duper Moving Sale this Friday and Saturday from 9-5 each day. My goal is to sell everything, but I’m sure I will be making some Goodwill runs as well. I would love to see my local FB friends over the weekend, even if you aren’t planning on buying anything – just to see you before I leave. My address is:  631 N. Birch St., Canby 97013.  For my Canby friends, I’m near Eccles school.

I think I had the most energy today that I’ve had in a long time. The reality of this move is sinking in, and the lack of space in our New York apartment is fueling my efforts. I’m ready to downsize and live with just what really means something to me.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Time To Get Serious About Packing


My estimated date of departure from Oregon is July 6th. So I think I need to get going on packing. We are going to be living in a very small apartment in NYC, and I know I can’t take all my “stuff.” You know, the great garage sale items bought with creative ideas in mind. Or the furniture I was going to redo. What about all those chatchkas I just couldn’t pass up? So, I emptied my storage unit into my living room, and am moving everything I don’t want to take, into my kitchen……for a stupendous moving sale next weekend! I’m giving up things like amazing tile I bought for a steal, and a beautiful antique library table.  Well, no point rehashing it all in my head; downsizing it is. I’m becoming less attached to things as time goes on, anyway. I remember how much stuff my mother and dad had, and how my brothers and I struggled with what to do with it all.  I realize that people are what I want to hold on to – not things. I’ve made many good friends here in Oregon, and it is they who I wish I could take with me, not my stuff.

What the….?


I have been driving since I am 17yrs old, and believe me, that is a long time. I have never been in an accident……until today that is. There I am, innocently driving up I-5 to a medical appointment at OHSU, when out of nowhere (it seemed) I heard and felt something banging into me on the driver’s side of the car. I held onto the wheel while the car started spinning around – right there in the middle of the highway! I could smell the rubber burning. Somehow I steered the car to the left side of the highway and stopped – well, actually stalled. I sat there for a few minutes just not believing what had happened, and that I was still alive.

What banged into me was a long flatbed truck. There was a witness who said the truck appeared to be changing lanes and didn’t see me. The truck driver said “I dunno what happened?” The entire left side of my car, each panel, has damage to it, and what is infuriating to me is that my mechanic has offered to buy the car when I leave.

This is definitely the freakiest thing that has ever happened to me. It is amazing to be in the throes of it – I remember thinking, “I’m moving to New York, I can’t die!” What is the most amazing thing is that while I was spinning, no one got even close enough to hit me. Wow!!