No Surprises For Me


I am definitely a “need to know” kind of person. Not that I don’t like surprises, but when it comes to my health, I want the facts, ma’am! So today at my second pre-op appointment for my knee surgery, the Ortho Assistant asked me if Dr. Ballard had spoken to me about the possibility of a full knee replacement? I said “no.” So, he proceeded to say that they must discuss the possibility with every patient, that once they have made an incision and are checking out the cartilage, if they observe problems on the other side of the knee they opt to replace the entire knee. He called it malpractice if they didn’t do this. My x-rays show only a 5-10% chance that it might need to be done, so of course I breathed a slight sigh of relief after hearing that. But they need to inform me so I can decide whether to sign on the dotted line before I’m in la-la land. I’m not sure if I would have liked to know this a month ago when I first went in, or a week before surgery. I guess knowing now leaves me less time to use my imagination. The real negative about it is that with full knee replacement, I will need to be out of work an extra week. I mean, some down time is good, but four weeks is toooo long!



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I've started this blog for a few reasons. First, I would like to share this crazy, wonderful journey back to New York with all of my friends. The second reason is that in order to stay sane during this process, a blog will help me stay organized! I also hope my friends will continue to follow me once I am back in New York - I expect to have many interesting adventures to talk about.

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  1. Hopefully you won’t need it, but if it turns out you do, even with the pain & discomfort of therapy, at least you’ll have almost full use of it. Again…here’s hopin’ they won’t find any problems.

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