Room by room


I’ve decided to work on each room separately until I feel like it looks great. I had to make this decision because I have a tendency to move away from a task if another looks more interesting. I think that’s called ADD, which I don’t believe I have.

This weekend I worked on the kitchen. I made a list of all the little things I could do to spruce it up, like thoroughly clean the stove, dust in high places, clean out drawers and organize the under-sink cabinet – oh I also painted it because it really looked ugly. It is amazing to me how easy it is to live with a less than mediocre cabinet, knowing full well that no one who visits me will ever ask to see it! My favorite part of all this is crossing out each task with a red pen; a real feeling of accomplishment.

I want someone to walk into my home and fall in love with it at first sight! It is very good condition, albeit turquoise and lime green paint. I’m not worried about the paint (it looks great), but having pets makes it tricky to keep clean all of the time, which I know is needed.

To top it off, I’m having knee surgery on April 18, and will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. It’s my choice, but I know it will put a crimp in my plan, as the house will probably be on the market by then. I think if I work every day after work, it will all get done. Tomorrow I’m tackling the family room; lots of packing up to do in there.



About movinandshakin11

I've started this blog for a few reasons. First, I would like to share this crazy, wonderful journey back to New York with all of my friends. The second reason is that in order to stay sane during this process, a blog will help me stay organized! I also hope my friends will continue to follow me once I am back in New York - I expect to have many interesting adventures to talk about.

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